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July 30, 1997     West Seattle Herald
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July 30, 1997

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t 6 Wednesday, July 30, 1997 West Seattle Herald/White Center News f ome people move to West Seattle because they want the advan- tages offered by having a large city at the doorstep of a homey community. One of West Seattle's small- town charms is Hi-Yu. Named for an Indian phrase that means "big time," this annual summer festival---with its parades, queen pageant, pirates' landing, street fair, fishing derby, bowling tournament and car show--is straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. It's an idealized vision of our community to be sure, but not a false one. Every year, Hi-Yu reminds us that West Seattle isn't just another bedroom community. It's a real place, populated by people of all colors, who are trying to make their own hopes and dreams come true. The Grand Parade is America itself. Black girl drill teams march with their taps ringing. Bagpipes issue their stirring call as drum- mers rap out a confident cadence. Chinese girls, dressed in scarlet and gold, demonstrate their deli- cate precision marching. We see some participants as if by ritual. Others are fresh each year. But the annual procession reaf- firms much of what we are as a community. We thank the Hi-Yu volunteers, who are too few but nevertheless devoted, for helping to keep West Seattle a thriving and authentic place. ir , j lip . STATES CON;F VAT o / You IDIOT' , NOT ! CONSUMMATION! LETTERS TO THE EDITOR II I IIIIIII I III I III IIIIII Environmentalism Editor: Let me see if I've got this right. Mankind is a cancer, a race of materialistic parasites intcrest- ed only in the bottom line while gathering its gold and bleeding the Earth into oblivion. It's a misguided speck of insignificant existence that foolishly looks for direction from within its "concocted" religions when in reality amount- ing to no more than a fly in the ointment to a neglecting and elusive "super power." Mankind is a polluter, unsatisfied with the destruction of the Earth that has now turned to junking-up the vacuum of space and spoiling the pristine landscape of a sacred and "living universe" with its "space-flight clutter." It's a breed of beings whose only hope for redemp- tion lies in its willingness to accept the "divine plan," yield to the earth's "immune system," catch a contagious disease, and then die. Not exactly a recommendation for species- of-the-month, but nevertheless, this does appear to be the view of one of the more frequently contributing readers of your newspaper. While seeming to enjoy himself as he plays with his words and, while stopping short of actually rec- ommending the business end of a dose of cyanide for every inhabitant of the Earth that walks upright and owns a flexible thumb, Carl P. Henry, in two recent letters to the editor (April 30 and July 16), leaves no doubt that he believes mankind should be counted as little more than a blatant misuse of oxygen. The launching pad for Mr. Henry's attack on organized religion, the free enterprise system, mankind's technical advancement and, incredi- bly, even medical research is, of course, envi- ronmentalism. Because of a near immunity from serious criticism that is clearly enjoyed by the politically correct, and because no modem issue of concern offers political correctness a more welcomed home than the so-called strug- and Atmosphere Administration shows "poilu- gle to save our planet, the issue of our environ- tion levels have fallen at more than 100 sites ment seems to provide the perfect sanctuary for along the nation's coastline." We burn cleaner oddball ideas, hidden political agendas, extrem- fuels. We restrict the use of pesticides and fer- ist viewpoints, junk science, wacko religions tilizers. We litter less. and now, apparently, even bitterness. We ban this, we outlaw that, and We give up In his latest letter, Mr. Henry suggests that the use of huge tracts of land to preserve what is the recent pictures from a barren and lifeless natural. We give credibility to tree buggers and Mars offer proof that the Earth's future is hero status to tree spikers. We regulate and doomed. "How else could all of the trees have restrict ourselves half to death, and we recycle to been cut, the wildlife destroyed ... the rivers and the point of near absurdity. There is far more oceans netted and fished into oblivion ... the going on in the world today to suggest that precious topsoil sucked dry and contaminated mankind will continue to make this planet a into lifelessness...," Mr. Henry asks. Reason, cleaner place to live than there is evidence to sup- logic and common sense, almost without portMr. Henry'sbleakscenarioofadeadEarth. notice, seem to become the easy, first victims of Before Mr. Henry slips too much farther into the hysteria that surrounds so much of modern his gloom and doom, I'd like to invite him to environmental extremism, meet and share some thoughts with my kids. In his letters, evidence of the extinction of They could explain to him how important the optimism and the eradication of accuracy end health of our environment is to their generation, up being Mr. Henry's best offering as he tips how they've learned all about the rain forest in his hat to his "living universe" and writes of a school, and they could tell him about all the TV world where all trees have been cut down and shows and movies they watch that stress respect all wildlife destroyed. Doom and gloom leave for our world and all that lives on it. They could little room for reality as Mr. Henry fails to men- tell Mr. Henry how important these trees are to tion the continually tightening restrictions on the quality of our air and how much these trees logging or to point out the fact that for decades, mean to them. here in the United States where the free enter- The concerns sincere people show for our prise system is alive and reasonably well, far environment are justifiable, and sincere efforts more trees have been planted than harvested, deserve our admiration. However, people's Mr. Henry is undeterred in his apocalyptic efforts, as these concerns are addressed, should predictions by mankind's efforts and sacrifices be rooted in honest and factual science - not in the form of jobs, lifestyle, land and money cosmic mumbo jumbo. that have been aimed toward so many species Today, too many people have latched onto like the spotted owl, the Pacific salmon, and the issue of our environment as a means of pro- even the most ridiculous creatures, like the stu- moting other agendas, and too many people pid kangaroo rat. attempt to use this important issue as a vehicle Today, mankind's efforts and accomplish- for expounding their own off-the-wall beliefs. ments in the area of improving the environment These impersonators have muddied the waters are numerous. Air and water quality in many for the true environmentalists: major cities have dramatically improved. A Dick Egge recent study conducted by the National Oceanic West Seattle Ted Dc Editor: Re: Bundy'S car sheriff, If I were serial which is trying to: al metal metal, Then, I'd not_for-Pr women. It'd be their money the last poetic justiCe, "1 make sure never get sunburned." Christine Aamot Gatewood Hill 1 "Wear long sleeves and a hat." Ruth Raught Alki "1 like pure aloe vera. " Jeff Prier A/ki "I guess it's a hat." Dee Bernecut Alki