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June 4, 1997
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iS. a ry sixth-g tom of the bay," a barnacled Billy Crowder explained. As for the results of their rigorous and exhaustive tests, the world will have to wait, as they have yet to be returned from the lab -- hut the reviews are in from the expe- dition itself. "I liked the trees with the faces carved in them over ()n Blake Island." landlubber Nick Barth said. "We called them the witch- craft trees." Nick also liked hiking all Don Nokes over the island, while sailing Sam liked the ship. "It was like you were in command and in control of what happens. You could do ahnost any- thing," he said. A special "attaboy" should go to all the morns of the sixth-grade class who baked the oodles of cookies that helped launch this ship of kids. "We did several fund-raisers to help defer the cost of the trip," Schwartz said. "The kids made and sold submarine sandwiches on Super- attleWA 98126 578007878 plus savings Mall Location - Southcenter Parkway (206) 575.3690 West Seattle Herald/White Center News Wednesday, June 4, 1997 5 raders set sail for school bowl Sunday. We had a pancake breakfast, and then there were the chocolate-chip cookie sales every Fri- day for two months. It was a great all- around eflbrt." This whole sea thing was slapped together by Salish Sea Expeditions, and thcre was no schlock or slack as cach studcnt was required to sign a "behavior contract" before climbing on board. Despite having to sail with- in delqned parameters, oceans of rock- ing and a few lack-of-sunscreen episodes, Sam's li,ml word on the trip was, "It was rcally cool, and lots and lois of lun." Good work Here's a gal with a lot of gumption: Teresa Miller, a 14-year-old ninth- grader at University Prep. She collected more than 550 pounds of food and $160 in cash for the Junction Community Food Bank. Accumulating a quarter-ton of food is no easy feat. "I had two good friends, Erin Evetts and Krtsten Tjerandsen, who helped me -- and, of course, there's always morn and dad," Teresa said. Things got a bit crowded in the Miller basement, from early March until May 19, as Teresa and her pals tbraged all the food they could lind to help the less fortunate. "We tried to push everything into the comer," Teresa said. "I think room was kind of glad to see it all go." As everyone knows, helpers aren't th(: same as doers. It was Teresa who went door to door in her neighbor- hood, put up signs at her school, col- lected food from school dances and stood outside the Admiral Safeway for hours, armed only with fliers and her endless friendliness. The lliers suggested what kind of food people might want to purchase while in the store to donate tO the food hank on their wa 3 OUt, "'s when a tot of people just started handing me money. People like to help the poor. It's lc:dly great," Teresa beamed. It did get a hit scary for Teresa han- dling the cash. "She didn't feel real comfortahle taking in all that money out in front of the store," Sylvia, her n)onl, recalled. So our heroine got on the horn to dad, who rode to the res- cue. There's a silver lining in this story, not only for the food bank, but for Teresa as well. "This is my last year as a Cadette in Girl Scouts, and there's this thing called the Silver Award," Teresa admitted. The Silver Award is given to those Cadettes who qualify, first by achiev- ing three badges. Teresa's were in Camping, Energy Preparedness and Writing. Then, the candidate has to log at least 30 hours of community service. Teresa put in 32 hours during her stocking, stacking, hauling, lifting, packing and all the rest. Junction Food Bank Director Jared Watson was a bit overwhehned by this one-person project. "l (ton'l think he thought it would bc possible," Teresa rccallcd. "'He thought it would be a lot of t0od for one person to collect." It's elementary, my dear Watson. You must think again, and this time factor in the boundless enthusiasm and infinite energy of a well-inten- tioned teenager. Teresa chose the Junction Food Bank because she volunteercd there in the fourth- and fifth-grades. In addi- tion, her mom's fricnd, Susan Sim- mons-Otness, used to run it. And Teresa rccallcd, "My morn usexl to volunteer therc too, and she got tt) be good friends with Mr. Watson, and onc thing just 1 to another." Good goin', Teresa. Don Nokes is the Herald-News' neighborhood correspomlent jbr the Jum'tion/Genesee area. We have great plans for keeping you healthier in West Seattle. 905 34 4178 JPB 670898 9287 00 595 07 8678 Z(Q 090988 987 00 : V2Y7E XC 99 ER 77 ': 595 07 5678 ZXQ 090988 987 00 V27E XC 99 ER 77 645 8? 5278 i WRZ 490978 9287 00 :! 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